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Welding with the leading heat exchanger innovators

Company Name

Vahterus OY


Plate and shell heat exchanger (PSHE)


Pruukintie 7, 23600 Kalanti, Finland

Base material(s)

Hastelloy, titanium, stainless steel acid-resistant and SMO


Vahterus develops and manufactures cutting-edge heat exchanger solutions.
In order to keep innovating their employees and improve their welding skills, they relied on ADAPTIG torches: thanks to their precision, adaptability and different torch head models, they perfectly fit all welder’s and customers’ needs.

Vahterus is a Finnish family-owned company founded in 1990 which develops and manufactures state-of-the-art heat exchanger solutions for the future needs.  As a pioneer and market leader in solidly welded plate heat exchanger technology, Vahterus focuses on continuous innovation and high quality. Their heat exchangers are designed for the next generation: they save energy, are compact in size, and are always custom-made to the customer's needs. Thanks to their fully welded construction, they demonstrate excellent performance even in the most demanding conditions. Heat exchanger solutions designed and manufactured by Vahterus are used in more than 50 countries in energy, process, chemical, and refrigeration applications.

The company employs around 500 people worldwide, in Finland and other locations such as the US, UK, Germany, China. 118 employees are involved in welding, of which 82 are heat exchanger welders and 36 are welding operators. Welding skills are very high in order to guarantee product made for the future.

Competitiveness and product technology to focus on innovation

Customer focus and tailoring, skilled staff, in-house design and continuous product development around both product and production technology are Vahterus’ key-factors.
In order to be more competitive and focus on the continuous innovation in product and technology development, Vahterus’ needs for torches met the ADAPTIG product development process, identifying ADAPTIG Multiflex as the ideal solution to its welding requirements. Their welded products must demonstrate excellent performance even in the most demanding conditions.

ADAPTIG TIG welding torches reflect Vahterus’ needs in many different applications, getting welders closer to weldable targets that may be challenging and hard to reach.

“We have been satisfied, especially the trigger is highly praised. Its sensitivity is just right and does not put too much strain on fingers and joints. The adaptivity of its changeable torch heads improved our production processes a lot.”

[Mika Laaksonen, Welding coordinator, Vahterus Oy]


‘‘Trafimet gave us a product that can be tailored to our needs.  We chose them as partners according to quality, competence, service capability, and competitiveness.”

[Matti Kontu, Head of Business Sectors, Vahterus Oy]

Ideal for different applications

The ADAPTIG Multiflex welding torch has been Vahterus’ choice to best satisfy their needs.

The Multiflex extended and flexible neck provides additional lenght, enabling welders to better approach and weld targets located in difficult-to-access areas more effectively. The quick and easy torch head replacement makes this torch ideal for different applications.

The choice of Trafimet as a supplier met Vahterus’ wishes and needs: the introduction of ADAPTIG in the whole production phase offered a suitable custom-made solution to achieve their customers’ need. The adaptivity of the torches as the long bendable neck or the sensitivity of the trigger made TIG welding possible in different applications, making Vahterus’ products in continuous development and always able to be competitive in a globally growing market.