Our T-SYSTEM® torches are developed to fully satisfy the needs of all welders. With the T-SYSTEM® you always get the right torch, no matter which welding machine you are using.
The new T-SYSTEM® torches offer unique benefits such as Flexibility, A wide choice of torch heads the new T-SYSTEM® technology and much more.


The EXPERTIG has a fresh and modern design and is the successor to the ERGOTIG torch.
The new EXPERTIG handle is the result of a study of balanced weight, necessary to be able to weld easily and effortlessly.
The EXPERTIG range includes air- and water-cooled torches from 110 to 320 Amps (DC). EXPERTIG comes as standard with TSK plugs. In addition, the configurator will help you find the right connection to a huge variety of machines.


EASY 400 PLUS is the most innovative TIG cold wire feeder, developed and produced by Trafimet, in order to be combined with all the TIG welding machines and to be used both for manual welding and automation systems.

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