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Trafimet EASY 400 PLUS cold wire-feeder


The peculiarities of the EASY 400 PLUS TIG cold wire welding system make it ideal for applications in the most advanced sectors of the industry, where quality in TIG welding and speed of execution are essential requirements.
The EASY 400 PLUS innovations make the tig jobs easy and fast even for the most innovative and demanding industry sectors, such as:

  • Aerospace industry,
  • Industrial plants & pipe lines,
  • Constructions of chemical plants,
  • Automatic welding plants,
  • Automotive industry.

Reduction of the welding cost, since the filler in coils is cheaper than that on rods and the time of replacement is null.


The EASY 400 PLUS control panel is removable : this allows on the manual welding the operator to move the panel next to the welding area for a faster set-up of the parameters. On the automatic welding the remotable panel is suitable to set the parameters far from the peripherals.


Thanks to the new digital graphic panel, the setting of the parameters is simple, fast and intuitive. The operator can save up to 16 welding jobs, to easily recall the previously used welding programs.

Trafimet EASY 400 PLUS cold wire-feeder TIG torch
Trafimet EASY 400 PLUS cold wire-feeder TIG torch

Torches for excellent welds

Trafimet’s special torches are designed to better communicate with EASY 400 PLUS. The Multi trigger, over the standard functions, allows the operator to adjust the wire output and speed directly from the torch.
  • EASY 400 PLUS - Manual torches:
    TPRO Multi 20HC EASY 400
    TPRO Multi 18HC EASY 400
    TPRO Multi 26 EASY 400
  • EASY 400 PLUS - Automation torches:
    AUTOTIG 20 EASY 400
    AUTOTIG 18 EASY 400
  • Wire guide holder kit wire feeder.
  • Wire guide holder for interfacing the TIG torches to the EASY 400 PLUS.

The smart wire feeder makes the difference

Extreme precision and reproducibility of welding

Maximum precision of the wire output speed, thanks to the 4-rollers mechanics and the engine management with encoder. The digital control of the wire output speed guarantees extreme precision and the exact reproducibility of the welding process.

Health first of all

Extreme reduction of the physical stress of the operator, as only one arm is involved on the welding process.
Trafimet EASY400PLUS

Learn more about the

Find more information about our TIG cold wire system technical features. Discover how the wire feeder and the removable control panel work and learn more about the smart functions of our special TIG torches.
Trafimet EASY 400 PLUS cold wire-feeder