Known worldwide for over 40 years for the exceptional reliability of its wide range of products specialized in the field of welding, the company represents also and especially quality, innovation, attention to service and to people.

Despite its international dimension, Trafimet Group maintains, still today, its strong “made in Italy” imprint, staying true to its origins and its history. Founded as a small artisan’s reality, Trafimet Group has evolved in a leading industrial company in the field of welding torches.

With its 22.000 square meters of floor space, the Italian branch of Trafimet Group encompasses all the operating divisions of production and distribution of its products.


Research & Development

A sector that continues to mark important milestones in the industry, contributing in the increase of the company’s reputation by global companies.

Logistic center

Trafimet Distribution relies on a warehouse of significant dimensions, completely computerized, which allows to promptly meet the clients’ requests.

Customer Care

The strong partnership among agents, area managers, sales assistants and technical office, generates a successful synergy designed to best meet the clients’ needs.

Quality Control

A company dedicated to innovation is also dedicated to the quality control mechanisms which allow a constant improvement of the products.

Enter the world of Trafimet Group, discover the divisions and trademarks that make us a leading company in the market of professional welding.