T-LINK®: total eye protection system for welders by Trafimet

T-LINK® System

Bluetooth® technology for security

The innovative T-LINK® system represents a new frontier for the safety of the welder and is the only commercially available auto-darkening system that guarantees total eye protection during welding.

With T-LINK® the filter is activated prior to the welding arc

The T-LINK® system is based on the continuous communication between the welding torch and the auto-darkening mask, which is handled with Bluetooth® technology.

When the trigger is pulled, a Bluetooth® signal is sent to the LCD screen filter, which responds by getting dark a moment before the arc is activated.

T-LINK®: auto-darkening helmet and adaptor of eye protection system for welders by Trafimet

Simply brilliant

The T-LINK® protection takes a few moments
The filter is inactive

The operator presses the torch button

The T-LINK® device controls the filter to darken

The filter becomes dark and communicates it to the T-LINK® device

The welding arc is still inactive

Only when the filter is already dark does the welding arc activate

the arc exposure time is NULL

T-LINK®: welding with eye protection system for welders by Trafimet

Safety in all conditions

In carpentry or shipyard welding, it may occur that a structure element inadvertently covers the filter sensors. This causes the filter opening and the resulting irradiation in the operator’s eyes. With the T-LINK® system, on the contrary, during welding the filter remains obscured to guarantee total safety for the welder.

Dynamic opening delay

The T-Link® system is able to automatically determine the opening time of the filter, depending on whether the operator is making a short (spot welding) or a long welding. The T-Link® system thus guarantees the maximum eye protection and an excellent operating speed.

T-LINK®: Dynamic opening delay on eye protection system for welders by Trafimet
T-LINK®: TIG welding with eye protection system for welders by Trafimet

Maximum efficiency in TIG low amperage welding

During low amperage TIG welding the arc is so small that the standard optical sensors don’t detect it easily. The typical consequence is the classic filter flicker, which makes the operation very difficult. The T-LINK® system is sensitive to the passage of current in the welding circuit, thanks to this the filter always remains active.

Configuration with MIG/MAG and TIG welding machine

Welding machine
with T-LINK® board

with T-LINK® filter

Trafimet Group’s proposal to the OEMs is the T-LINK® BOARD, an electronic circuit board to be integrated with the welding generators, and communicating with the T-LINK® filter or mask.

Thanks to this solution, manufacturers can qualify their offer with a complete safety system. The T-LINK® electronic board is available for MIG / MAG and TIG welding generators.

T-LINK® Board

T-LINK®: auto-darkening helmet of eye protection system for welders by Trafimet

T-LINK® Mask

T-LINK®: filter of eye protection system for welders by Trafimet

T-LINK® Filter


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