ZETA Series

The future is now

The ZETA® Series torch for plasma cutting is the result of years of experience and a detailed study of the current market requirements.

The heart of the ZETA® plasma torches is the new air-cooled torch body, designed and developed according to the most recent studies of air flow dynamics.
Thanks to Trafimet Air Flux System, the ZETA® Series plasma torch provides excellent stability of the arc at different speeds, a crucial aspect for the quality of the cut.
One single torch with 5 different consumables kits guarantees a wide range of cutting performances on applications.
The kits are packaged in convenient clamshells; duty cycles of 40, 60, 80, 110 and 130 Amperes.
Availble also a Master Kit, containing all the spare parts for the ZETA® series plasma torches – duty cycles from 40 to 130 Amperes.
The Master Kit is the optimal solution for operators working outside of the shop and for those who want to have everything on hand.
The basic configuration of the the ZETA® plasma torches is equipped with direct connection with female fitting 1⁄4 gas or central connection. Other connections are available in the catalogue and upon request.


The ZETA® Series plasma torch is suitable both for high frequency power sources – easily recognizable by its red spring – and for no high frequency power sources – identified by a black spring.
Both versions use the same consumables kit.


The basic configuration of the ZETA Series torch is equipped with a direct connection with female fitting 1/4 gas or a centralized safety connection (configured to Trafimet’s standards). The cable contains 4 wires to manage the signals sent by the various generators. Different types of connections are available on our catalog and upon request.


ZETA® Series plasma torch replacements/consumables are available in several configurations, each with a dedicated packaging: a master kit with all the parts, 5 starter kits in clamshells, and all individual parts still in clamshell. These are all practical solutions for the operator guaranteeing perfect product quality during storage.
All parts of the ZETA® Series plasma torch are original and produced at Trafimet factory in Italy: the end result is products of the highest quality.