M-SYSTEM® MIG (GMAW) torches

For heavy-duty applications

The new M-SYSTEM® torches, designed to guarantee maximum performance, introduce new safety standards and innovative ergonomic solutions. The new design makes the torch extremely manageable and perfectly adaptable to all working conditions, even the most extreme. The M-SYSTEM® torches are in compliance with European directives EN 60974-7.


A winning combination

The M-SYSTEM® torches have an integrated protection.
FLASH PROTECT® is a new safety system fitted on M-SYSTEM® torches. When you press the trigger of your M-SYSTEM®, the FLASH PROTECT® system emits a signal that darkens the electronic helmet LCD screen a moment before the welding arc is activated. When the arc turns on the filter is already darkened. A perfect protection!

FLASH PROTECT® is the right choice to protect the health of welding operators.

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The filter is inactive

The operator pulls the torch trigger

The FLASH PROTECT® signal is activated

The filter darkens before the ignition of the welding arc*

The welding arc is activated

The filter is inactive

The operator pulls the torch trigger

The FLASH PROTECT® signal is activated

The filter darkens before the ignition of the welding arc*

The welding arc is activated

FLASH PROTECT® intervenes by anticipating the ignition of the welding arc, then the autodarkening welding helmet will work independently of the device.
*The activation of the filter depends upon a clear line of sight between the flash protect device and the helmet’s sensor. Obstructions of any kind may hinder the ability of the helmet’s sensor to receive the signal to switch on as intended.
In order to check the battery charge status and the correct operation of the Flash Protect®: wear the helmet, simulate the torch ignition by pressing the trigger and check that the helmet filter goes dark for about 2 seconds.

Handling and less fatigue

New handle for less fatigue

The anti-slip grip guarantees the operator a safe grip.

The design of the handle is enhanced with a touch of technology due to the presence of the FLASH PROTECT®.

Self-cleaning trigger contacts.

The double joint

The new double joint patent pending from Trafimet Group improves upon the previous patent that has constituted the history of Trafimet® torches.

The double joint allows a unique freedom of movement: a 60° arc rotation that guarantees the best ergonomics and handling.

Air cooling

6 models with guaranteed performance

M-SYSTEM® air-cooled torches guarantee high quality standards, maximum reliability and ease of handling.

The new solutions adopted for wear parts, torch bodies and cables guarantee an optimal cooling system even at the highest amperage, up to 510A.

Duty Cycle 60%
300A CO2 – 250A Mix

M-SYSTEM® G.300 / G.300-360°
Duty Cycle 60%
350A CO2 – 300A Mix

M-SYSTEM® G.400 / G.400-360°
Duty Cycle 60%
450A CO2 – 400A Mix

Duty Cycle 60%
510A CO2 – 460A Mix

In pulsed arc reduce the duty cycle up to 35%.

Available with EURO connection or 5/8-18 UNF + US connection kit.

360° Rotating torch body

The new rotating torch body allows the operator to easily access to all welding positions, resulting in less strain on the muscles.

A single torch body for two models: G.300 360° and G.400 360°.

Quick replacement without opening the handle.
360° rotation and securing with locking ring in less than 1 minute.

Water cooling

3 torches all in one

The new water-cooled M-SYSTEM® guarantees maximum flexibility in a single product. A modular range of wear parts for welding at different amperages, up to 650A.

It is supplied in the 3-, 4-, and 5-metre versions, without spare parts and liner. The range of starter kits allows for equipping the torch with the most suitable wear parts and liner for the required application.

A new concept of cooling

The M-SYSTEM® torch has a double cooling circuit: one for the tip and one for the nozzle. The cooling liquid flow rate has been increased compared to equivalent torches currently available on the market.
As a result, the torch can be used with high amperages and heavy-duty job cycles without heating up, which considerably extends the life of the spare parts.


Kits for steel and aluminium wires

M-SYSTEM® W.X00 – KIT 400A
Ideal in amperage 450A CO2 – 400A Mix

M-SYSTEM® W.X00 – KIT 500A
Ideal in amperage 550A CO2 – 500A Mix

M-SYSTEM® W.X00 – KIT 600A
Ideal in amperage 650A CO2 – 600A Mix

The specifications are certified with a 100% Duty Cycle.
In pulsed arc reduce the amperage by up to 30%.


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