M-SYSTEM® the new range of MIG/MAG industrial welding torches

Original Trafimet spare parts for maximum performance

MIG/MAG welding torches for heavy duty applications
The new M-SYSTEM® welding torches bring great innovation to welders.
Designed to support continuous operations at high amperage, they are equipped with original Trafimet spare parts and new ergonomic solutions.


A winning combination

The M-SYSTEM® torches have an integrated protection
FLASH PROTECT® is a new security system that equips M-SYSTEM® torches.

When you press the trigger of your M-SYSTEM®, the FLASH PROTECT® system emits a signal that darkens the electronic helmet LCD screen a moment before the welding arc is activated. When the arc turns on the filter is already darkened. A perfect protection!

The filter is inactive

The operator pulls the torch trigger

The FLASH PROTECT® signal is activated

The filter darkens

The welding arc is still inactive

Only when the filter has already darkened, does the welding arc activate

the exposure time to the arc is NULL

MIG/MAG welding torches for heavy duty applications

Resistant parts made of the best copper and brass. Precise threads for perfect conductivity. Air cooling system with patented laminar flow. Double cooling circuit in the water torch body. New 360° rotating air torch body. Modular range of water-cooled torches (3 torches in one). New ergonomic handle. Double 30° + 30° junction patent pending. New rear housing assembly for EURO connector.

Air cooled

3 models with guaranteed performance
Air-cooled M-SYSTEM® torches cover the entire range of 300, 400 and 500 Amps.

Heat resistance
Heat dissipation capacity is achieved by new, increased and expanded fittings to increase torch cooling.

Spare parts resistant for long life
Patented cooling system
Simplified unlock

New torch bodies

The new M-SYSTEM® torch bodies are made of aluminum alloys that combines lightness and strength.
Torch bodies are available in different lengths and degrees for different work situations.

360° Rotating torch body
The new swivel torch body allows the welder to easily access hard to reach points such as channels or profiles typical of carpentry work.

Water cooled

3 torches all in one
The liquid-cooled M-SYSTEM® project is completely innovative. A single torch that can fit 3 different spare parts kits to weld at 400, 500 and 600 Amps.

Spare parts resistant for long life
Dual Cooling Circuit
New torch bodies

New EURO connection

The M-SYSTEM® housing assembly, likewise derived from robotic applications, is characterized by its compact size.

The new housing assembly is designed to avoid any kind of hose narrowing.
Thicknesses designed in thermoplastic material result to a perfect insulation.
The spring and the junction with reduced mobility support the cable inside the housing assembly and prevent sudden bends.

The double joint

The double joint relieves the handle of the weight of the cable, reducing strain on the wrist and fatigue in general.

The new double joint patent pending from Trafimet Group improves upon the previous patent that has constituted the history of Trafimet torches.
The double joint allows a unique freedom of movement: a 60° arc rotation.
A new record in ergonomics!

Simplified sheath clamping

In the design of M-SYSTEM® torches, every aspect has been reviewed to the smallest detail.
Assembling the cable is easier with the new ring nut and the spring supports the cable with a soft curve to lighten the weight.


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